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2023 Collection

As its name suggests, the Euphoria collection by Ohad Krief Studio is designed to give brides a sense of elation, constant lightness, and high excitement. The collection offers powerful confidence expressed through flattering cuts that perfectly sculpt the body. The combination of high-end fabrics and precise corsets provides perfect support for the bride throughout the beautiful hours of the day and into the late night. The collection exudes romance and nobility, promising brides a sense of timelessness and luxury.

This collection utilized various materials, cuts, and textures to cater to minimalist and extravagant brides. Integrating effortless chic and maximum comfort ensures the bride feels at ease while looking her best. The central idea behind the collection is to glorify and celebrate the female body, giving the bride a celestial feeling as she walks down the aisle or dances on the dance floor.

Each dress in the collection includes meticulous and precise elements, such as unique necklines and cups sewn with our studio's unique techniques. The flattering corsets perfectly wrap the bride's body, and natural and luxurious fabrics like various silks and intricately beaded lace with pearls and Swarovski stones add a sparkling, unique touch to each dress.

Each dress in this collection is a masterpiece, promising a memorable look and a heavenly appearance. Discover your piece of Euphoria and transform your wedding day into an unforgettable experience.


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