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S/S 2025 Collection

The Daydream spring-summer 2025 collection by Ohad Krief Studio brings a refreshing wave of elegance and romance, maintaining clean lines and sophisticated cuts. The collection features diagonal cuts that highlight the female body, creating a harmonious and timeless look and giving a natural flow to the body. The main inspirations for the collection come from the glamorous Hollywood of the 1940s and the luxurious and classic “old money” style, which exudes sophistication and timeless elegance. Nostalgic touches from the 1950s, such as flowing dresses and fitted waist belts, add layers of charm and softness, enriching the overall look.

In this collection, Ohad Krief successfully weaves modern 2025 trends. Clean lines and minimalist cuts create a sense of elegant simplicity, while asymmetrical cuts and body highlights align with the latest fashion and high-end trends. Combining rich textures like lace and three-dimensional fabrics adds depth and dynamism to the pieces, giving each item a refined and timeless feel. Brides in this collection enjoy a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics with contemporary innovation, focusing on creating an emotional and sophisticated connection.


The Daydream collection invites every woman into a dreamy world where classic fashion meets modern style. It offers unique pieces that resonate with the modern bride, seeking a perfect blend of individuality and timeless elegance.


“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...”

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